Has Your Business Come Under Witchcraft,

Voodoo, Black Magic, Evil Eye, Curses?

We can assist you with breaking Business Witchcraft, Curses, Voodoo, Evil Eye, Etc...


We can minister Curse Breaking both in person (Fresno businesses) and over the telephone (Worldwide).


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Email: GotDemon@Gmail.Com (Worldwide Businesses)


Brother Carlos is also available to minister Spiritual House Cleansing and Blessing, in Person (Fresno and Surrounding Cities.). Contact us @ PrayerRevival@gmail.com

Request a telephone consultation, click here.

This is NOT a Non-Profit Organization,

Donations are NOT Tax-Deductible.


Brother Carlos Oliveira is an expert on the subject of Curses, Witchcraft, Cursed Sites and Objects and the negative effects they have on humans, such as: Incurable Diseases, Pain, Murder, Premature Death, Homicide, Suicide, Depression, Mental Illness, Sleep Disorder, Car Accidents, Divorce, Child Molestation, Sexual Perversion, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Etc... Curses negatively affect over 98% of the human population.


Brother Carlos has been featured on National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Bio Channel, Telemundo, NBC News, CBS Eye Witness, Comedy Central, Vice Canada, Rock 100.5 FM Radio, Atlanta GA, The Drive Home 790 KABC, Los Angeles, Etc...

Inner-Healing, Deliverance, Curse Breaking
Coming soon!
Details @ https://www.dailylivechurch.com/live

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After listening to this video, if you happen to have questions and/or concerns regarding Curses and their effects on your Spiritual Life in general, then, please, feel free to request an up to 30-minute consultation call with Christina Vidal, she is usually available every day. Click here to learn more about Christina.


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 Carlos A. Oliveira

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Email: PrayerRevival@Gmail.Com

Brother Carlos is available for TV Docs & Youtube Interviews

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This is NOT a Non-Profit Organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible!